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Set forth below are just a few of the many glowing five-star reviews that The Savar Law Firm and its founder have received from its clients on UpCounsel since the firm’s inception:

“Jonathan Savar is brilliant, professional and really sincere. It’s clear he’s had many years of experience, and I’m very fortunate for his help. If you want someone you can trust and that has a wealth of knowledge, then work with The Savar Law Firm.”

“Jonathan took leadership in our asset acquisition transaction and ensured that we were protected throughout the process. Great job.”

“Engaging a lawyer in a foreign jurisdiction is problematic for a number of reasons. Jonathan’s calm, considered and contextualized advice made it a frictionless experience. His ability to correctly interpret instructions (while identifying the costs and implications of those instructions) and provide highly relevant counsel is the reason why we have continued to engage him.”

“Jonathan was excellent in understanding what we needed and getting it done quickly. He is also startup-friendly in terms of pricing and can really help alleviate many of the fears you have as an entrepreneur.”

“I was very impressed with Jonathan from our first communication to the delivery of his work. He was honest, transparent, efficient and knowledgeable regarding my challenge. I would recommend his services.”

“Jonathan was great! He started immediately and was quick to deliver. He was in constant contact with us and was great with revisions. Worked against our deadlines and delivered. Final work was perfect.”

“This is the most professional lawyer I have ever worked with. He has patience, and solid knowledge of his field.”

“Jonathan was very easy to work with, accessible, and responsive. I’d highly recommend him.”

“Jonathan meets and exceeds all expectations. He gets the job done quickly and effectively. I expect to use him again in the future.”

“Accountable and always delivers exceptional work. It has been great working with Jonathan and I look forward to continue working with him.”

“Jonathan has been exceptionally responsive. He is very knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend him and will certainly use him again for my future legal needs. Excellent experience.”