Taking Businesses From Promising To Thriving

Practice Areas

The Savar Law Firm offers business transactional services to address the diverse needs of clients such as founders, startups, emerging growth companies, lenders and investors. Below are our primary areas of focus:

Business Formation

Our firm collaborates with our clients to lay a strong foundation for the success of new business ventures. We discuss formation options to encourage alignment with business objectives and legal requirements; offer various fixed-price startup packages tailored to the client’s particular early-stage and recurring needs; and provide ongoing support to help our clients grow and thrive.


Our governance and compliance practice advises boards and management on requirements, responsibilities, and best practices and activities under corporate and securities laws. We strive to serve not only as a critical and frequently-used resource but also as an essential partner to our clients as we help them resolve the highly challenging business and legal issues that invariably arise at each stage of their growth.


We regularly represent our clients on a variety of transactions including asset purchases and sales; joint ventures; mergers; outsourcing; partnerships; recapitalizations; restructurings; roll-ups; rollovers; stock purchases and sales; and strategic alliances. When needed, we interface seamlessly with specialist counsel such as tax, intellectual property, environmental, real estate and litigation in order to close transactions swiftly and efficiently.


Our financing practice is both deep and broad. Our equity financing representations include SAFE’s; KISS’s; pre-seed, seed and angel investments; and venture capital and growth equity financings. We also advise our clients on loan transactions such as acquisition financings; asset-based financings; bridge loans; construction loans; convertible and other note offerings; leases; credit lines; mezzanine financings; revolving credit facilities; term loans; and working capital facilities.


We prepare a variety of contracts, documents and policies for our clients as part of our general commercial practice, including commercial leases; confidentiality agreements; distribution agreements; franchise agreements; letters of intent; reseller agreements; SaaS agreements; service agreements; supply agreements; terms and policies for apps and websites; and vendor contracts.

Licensing / Intellectual Property

We advise on transactions involving life sciences assets, technological assets and attendant intellectual property rights for clients in an array of industries including biosciences, blockchain, media, pharmaceuticals and technology. These transactions include licenses; joint ventures and strategic alliances; outsourcing agreements; and other strategic arrangements.


Our employment practice regularly prepares confidentiality and IP assignment agreements; equity incentive plans and ancillary documents; employment agreements; employment handbooks; independent contractor agreements; offer letters; restrictive covenant agreements; and other ancillary agreements and documents. We also specialize in advising both companies and employees in the negotiation and documentation of employment terminations and separations, particularly when contentious.

Data Privacy

We represent clients on data privacy, cybersecurity, data protection and compliance. We advise them on drafting and adhering to privacy policies and procedures; negotiating and complying with data privacy, security and protection provisions in contracts; and complying with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other privacy laws.

Dispute Resolution

Business disputes can be a significant drain on organizational resources. We view our dispute resolution and settlements practice to be a core part of our firm: helping our clients address and resolve disputes and other problems effectively, efficiently and with finality. Over the years, we have advised our clients on resolving commercial disputes, employer/employee separations, and other matters in a timely and cost-effective fashion and without the need for expensive litigation.

Outside General Counsel

We regularly act as outside general counsel to our clients. In addition to handling transactions, financings, contracts, governance and other matters that may arise, we also counsel our clients upon request on the selection, engagement and supervision of specialist legal counsel such as environmental; intellectual property; litigation; real estate; and tax. More importantly, our clients which utilize us as outside general counsel tell us they find that, because we are better integrated into their regular activities, we are better-positioned to be knowledgeable about and responsive to their needs in a timelier and more efficient fashion.

Positioning Businesses For Success

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